Payday Haul (march)

Hi it’s Chelsea, 

So of course I’ve been shopping this week due to pay day and I thought you’d like to see what I picked up, so here we go…


Now it’s nearing spring my aim of this shopping trip was to pick up some spring staples, I love this dungaree dress from primark which was £12 and I am in love with this white floral top with bell sleeves, this is gorgeous and for £10 an absolute steal. I cant wait for the sun to come out so I can wear these beautiful pieces.

  1. Dungaree dress £12 
  2. Floral top with bell sleeves £10:

Silk pyjama dress £3 

This was in the sale from £8 to £3, I just couldn’t say no, who doesn’t love silk pjs especially pj dresses. I love the tie up detail on the back just gives it that something extra especially for the price.
Floppy hat £1
This was £8 reduced to £1, ONE POUND… that right there was the reason for purchasing this, I may not wear this a lot but for a pound it was worth picking up.


  1. Hair pins £1
  2. Sultry eyelashes £1
  3. Mattifying blotting papers £1
  4. False nails shade antique stone £1
  5. Oil balancing facial cleansing wipes £1
  6. 2 pack of hair buns £0.80

I just needed to restock some bits and bobs, such as wipes and hair pins. I did however pick up some mattifying blotting papers which I haven’t tried before but for a pound you can’t go wrong.

I also picked up a new chocker, I have so many chockers but not one that looks like this and for £2 you can’t go wrong.

New look: 

Eyelure lashes £5

Black heeled boots £9

As soon as I saw these I knew I needed them, I literally love these they are so cute but edgy at the same time with the zip detail. 

Garnier face masks £1:

These looked really interesting, I’ve never tried a tissue mask and these were on a stand as I walked in to boots as they were fairly new, if you’d like me to do a review post on these let me know in the comments. 

Thank you for reading again this Sunday, hope you enjoyed don’t forget to like, follow and comment. 

Love Chels x

February favourites…

Hey it’s Chelsea, 

So I’m back and thought what’s better than to start my blog back off with a February favourites post. I love writing these and even more so reading these, I likes seeing what other bloggers are enjoying and if they are any new products I would be interested in to try out. I’m going to break my favourites down in to 4 categories: beauty, clothing, skincare and random.


So I’ve really been enjoying trying out new foundations the past 5-6 weeks and I’ve fallen in love with the maybelline fit me foundation, I have the shade 010 which is ivory. This was really affordable and is a really good products for oily skin which is what I have problems with. I would highly recommend this foundation if you’re on the look out for a new foundation.

I’ve recently started using the smashbox primer and OMG I can’t even describe the impact this primer has had on my skin and the lasting of my make up. I read lots of reviews before purchasing and I couldn’t believe the things people were saying but now I’m a total lover. The primer is really good for oily skin and makes the skin matte before you apply your foundation etc. 

This month I’ve really grown my Kylie cosmetics lip kit collection and have not left the house without having one of them in my bag ready for the day. Even though these are a little bit expensive and have to be delivered from the US, I really think the products are worth it. The lip liners are creamy and feel really hydrating on the skin and the liquid lipstick dries matte in a matter of seconds and will last for the majority of the day.  My favourites shades at the moment have been: Ginger, Moon and Exposed. If you’d like my to do a Kylie lip kit collection blog post make sure to leave a comment.


I’ve really enjoyed wearing more spring like clothing items this month and have been in town purchasing new tops, dresses, and shoes ready for the spring to arrive. I’ve recently brought a dress from primark and I honestly haven’t stopped wearing it, it’s a beautiful black and white minimalist dress with fake pocket details on the front, it’s a very classy a line style but fits nicely on my body. It was only £13 and is a staple for my spring wardrobe.

I have 3 pairs of gorgeous pink shoes to share this month…

  1. Primark Baby pink tassel dolly shoes  £10
  2. Primark Baby pink Valentino inspired heels £14
  3. River island pink over the ankle boots £50

I’ve really enjoyed popping some pink in to my outfits this month and have found these three pairs of gorgeous shoes just the right style to suit different outfits. I’ve had my pink tassel dolly shoes for a while now but rarely wore them but now I pair these with so many outfits. My favourite of the three shoes the Valentino inspired heels from primark which were only £14, these are the perfect size heel, the perfect colour and are so comfy!!! And lastly my river island boots, these are a key item in my shoe collection, I like to dress these up and down, styling them with dress or skirts for night life or with tights and a spring styled dress for day looks. 

‘boy bye’ tshirt dress, I have always found tshirt dress so comfy but really hard to me to wear due to them always being too long but I recently purchased this ‘boy bye’ tshirt dress from the and I’m in love, as it was a tiny bit to big I just twisted the side and made a knot to make it fit me better around the bottom part of my body. This was only £14 and I have my discount code ChelseaP10 for you all to use when you buy something from their website so don’t forget to check it out, linked at the end.

  • Skincare

Liz earl cleanse and polish, do I even need to explain this product it is one of the most spoken about products on Instagram and YouTube, it is literally what dreams are made of… it removes make up like a dream, you apply a small pump on to your fingers rub it around your face and then rinse off using hot water and the Muslim cloth provided. All I’m going to say is if you don’t own this item buy it NOW.



I love YouTube and really enjoy finding new people to watch, however this month I’ve really enjoyed watching back old videos of the people I’ve enjoyed watching for a long time. 

  1. Zoe Sugg
  2. Hannah Renee 
  3. Ash Jackson
  4. Saffron Barker 

Although from these channels I’ve found new people to watch including saffs brother Casey and his girlfriend Nicole, they’ve recently announced they are having a baby and their gender revel video is incredible. Definitely a must watch. 

Link to gender reveal video: 


Of course I’ve been loving shape of you and castle on the hill by Ed Sheeran.

I’ve also enjoyed listening to Conor Maynard and his covers with other YouTube singers, covering other songs on the beat of new songs such as 24k magic and shape of you. 


I’ve been to the cinema twice this month and both films I’ve really enjoyed and need to share…

Spilt, this film was really catching from the trailer and it was a ‘I have got to see this’ kinda trailer, I wasn’t ready for what the film included, the film is set around a man with split personality disorder and is really hard to watch because the actor played the character so well and really made me feel for others living with this disorder. If you liked films based around real life problems this is must.

Fifty shades darker, I know many of yous won’t be old enough to watch this but if you are 18 and in to films like this, get in the cinema and watch it because omg! I don’t want to give to much away but let’s just say I’m counting down the days till the next film. 

Well I hope you enjoyed reading my February favourites, don’t forget to like, follow and comment on this post. If you’d like to see a shoe collection or a Kylie lip kit collection make sure to let me know. Thank you for reading…

Love Chels x 

Discount code ChelseaP10 on link to their website below…

Top 5 Autumn lip products


Hello it’s Chelsea,

so its that time of year again where the red’s and berry’s get taken back out of storage to make your look more autumnal. Although this year I am still keeping my nudes out to make an appearance. So my top 5 lip products this autumn are…


NYX matte lipstick in the shade MINX, this is a really affordable lipstick and is so good for the money. These lipsticks are only £5.50.


MAC velvet teddy and DIVA. Diva has always been my go to lipstick for autumn but recently I have brought velvet teddy and it is so perfect for this time of year. Mac lipsticks are £15.50 and even though these are a little more expensive, they are really worth the money. They give off a lovely finish and last for ages.



Another recent buy of mine has also been being used more and more now its this time of year, I love sleek make up and hadn’t tried their matte me lip products. This is a ultra smooth matte lip cream and it dries matte on your lips with little time. I got this is a box of 5 mini’s from boots for £5.


My last favourite is my RIMMEL Kate Moss lipstick in the shade 01. This has been my favoutite for a very long time, as it was the first red autumn lipsticks I purchased. This lipstick is long lasting and has a lovely creamy formula. These lipsticks are £5.49 from super drug.



Here are the swatches of all the lip products spoken about in today’s post.




I hope you enjoyed this post ad it has inspired you to purchase some new autumn lip products in time for christmas. Don’t forget to like, comment and follow for post every Wednesday and Sunday.

Thank you for reading,

Love Chels x










Hello it’s Chelsea, 

this is my whats in my bag.

The bag I use a day to day basis is this river island Black panel Western slouch bag, this is £32. I love this bag its so good for carrying the things I do, it’s the perfect size for me. I love the way the bag is made, I love the different textures and the gold detailing.

link to bag:–purses/shoulder-bags/black-panel-western-slouch-bag-692666

So first of all I have my iPhone 6 in gold, I have this gorgeous marble phone case with my initials on it, I got this from ebay for £6ish. To match with this I have my marble purse from primark, it was £6, I love this and how much space there is inside for notes, coins and cards. I also just keep my phone charger in here, for on the go needs. I also have my house keys of course, and to stop myself loosing these in the bottom of my bag I keep them on this pink fluffy key ring that I got free from superdrug. 

I have three essentials that no matter what happens I always have these in my bag and I always have spares at home if I run out. My first essential is my soap and glory hand food, this is so good for the money and is great for on the go use. I have the mini which was only £2.50 from boots. I also keep my Ted Baker body mist, this smells to good and is nice to keep in your bag to freshen up throughout the day. This was £3 from boots. I also keep a mini micellar water in my bag just in case I need to remove my make up when out and about. I got this from Poundland.

I also keep my MAC lipstick in the shade Velvet teddy, this is just my favourite nudey/brown lipstick and goes with every outfit. I also keep my MAC lip liner in the shade spice.

I also keep a bottle of water or coke in my bag for when I need a refreshment. At the moment I’m keeping a bottle of water in my bag as I’m trying to encourage myself to drink more but it sometimes doesn’t work and I’ll still end up popping in the shop to get a bottle of coke. I also have a little on the go snack in my bag, something fatty like a chocolate bar or crisps. 

An essential for me in hand sanitiser. I’m currently using this one for soap and glory, this smells lovely and is not sticky at all. 

I also keep my diary to make sure I’m prepared for everything and don’t forget anything. I love this pink diary, I can’t remember where I got this but I love it.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and having a little look inside my bag… don’t forget to like, comment suggestions for upcoming blogs and follow for blogs weekly. 

Love Chels x  

Christmas&Birthday Wishlist🎅🏼

Hello it’s Chelsea, 

Sorry I didn’t post on Wednesday I’ve been so busy lately with work and coursework I’ve not had a lot of time to sit and write posts, I thought today I’d do something a little different as it’s coming up to the festive season, I know lots of people like reading hauls and watching them on YouTube so I thought this would be quite interesting to write about. My birthday happens to fall on the 18th of December, exactly a week before Christmas so I thought I’d class this as a wish list for both occasions.
So here is my 2016 Christmas&birthday wishlist;

White adidas flux- £70

I really want some everyday throw on shoes that will go with every outfit.

MAC yash-£15.50

I’m hoping I get this for my birthday as it goes with my clutch bag and shoes for my bday party.

Micheal Kors rose gold watch-£279

I’ve really wanted one for a long time but it’s so much money to just spend on myself for no reason, so hopefully as it’s my 18th someone will get this.

Pandora birthstone ring-£40

I love getting sentimental presents for my birthday and seeing as this year it’s my 18th this is something I’d like to have as a memory of turning 18.

Prada perfume in candy- £45

As soon as I smelt this I fell in love!!!, this is something I need in my life, the smell is so me and again it’s something I’ve wanted for a while but never gone out and got it for myself.

Personalised ring dish- £5/£20

I’m getting to a point where I need somewhere to keep my special rings and I love the thought of having something personalised and cute and small on my make up unit to pop my ring on when I go to bed.

Victoria secret body spray- £15 

I really want them all but if I had to choose just one it would have to be aqua kiss.

Light up C – £10


I just think this would look soooo cute on my make up unit!! 

Pandora timeless elegance ring-£80

I absolutely love this, as soon as this was released I wanted it. I love the detail and obviously the rose gold colouring.

Zara grey suede mirrored heel ankle boots-£25

I think these are gorgeous and so easy to pair with outfit to dress them up a little during winter. I’ve gone to buy these so many times but they’re never in stock in my size!🙃

Hope you enjoyed reading my wishlist and maybe you’ve seen something that takes your fancy, don’t forget to like, comment and follow for more blog posts weekly. 

Love Chels x

P.s please leave a comment of what else you’d like to see on this blog as I’m in the process of writing my December post and it would be nice to know what you’d all like to see✨

November Haul…

Hello it’s Chelsea,

My last haul did so well I just had to do another. And I love shopping so of course I have so much to share with you. This month I have purchased so many make up items.

To start it off I popped in to MAC to get the prep and prime fix + and ended up spending nearly £50. I did pick up the prep and prime fix + spray, I’ve wanted this for a while now and I finally took the plunge and got it this month. As well as this I pick up two more items, one being a lipstick and one being a lip liner. I have finally got velvet teddy, (eeek), this is the perfect shade for me, I love this and I’m so glad it was finally in stock in the MAC stand in House of Fraser. To pair with velvet teddy I got a lip liner, in the shade spice.

More make up products I have picked up over the past week includes, a mascara, concealer and a blusher. I did myself a little super drug order and got myself the sleek blush in shade rose gold, I know this is a very popular shade, I don’t wear blush very often but now its autumn time i’d like to start putting a little bit of colour on my cheeks. I also picked up the L’Oreal sculpt mascara, I’ve heard such good things about this and I really enjoy trying out new mascaras. The concealer I picked up was of course my favourite of all time, the collection lasting perfection concealer in shade fair.

I’ve picked up a few new home ware pieces as I’ve really wanted to make my bedroom a little more put together. I’ve picked up some new pots, candle holder and a throw to add some colour in to my room. Finally I have managed to pick up the Zoella pottering around pots, I’ve put these on my make up unit to keep my face and eye brushes in, these look perfect and go so well with the theme i’m trying to get. I have also picked up this cute candle holder in card factory, this is cooper metal and is shaped different than your average candle holder. I also picked up a cooper blocked calendar which I just had to have.

I have also picked up a light pink fluffy throw from primark, this is so soft and perfect to curl up on the sofa with. Whilst in primark I picked up these lace up flat shoes, these were reduced to £3 which is an absolute bargain. i wore these out last weekend and they were so comfy, and made my outfit look more dressed up.

Of course I popped in to lush on my shopping trip, I picked up one of my favourite bath bombs, butterbear, I love this to relax after a long day at work.


Thank you for reading and I hope you have enjoyed this post, dont forget to like, comment and follow for regular posts.

Love Chels x


Links to items I could find which I spoke about:—Pottering-Around/p/713528







The get to know me tag

Hello it’s Chelsea,

I thought that I’d be writing blogs for a while now and I don’t think know much about me and the person I am, so I thought I’d do the get to know me tag and let you all get to know me a little bit more. I hope you enjoy. 

Here we go…
1. Do you have a middle name?

  • Yes, Marie, I get this from my mum.

2. What was your favourite subject in school?

  • I really enjoyed physics and maths, not that you would think that after knowing me.

3. What is your Zodiac sign?

  • sagittarius

4. Do you participate in any sports? 

  • No, I don’t have the time and I don’t really enjoy that type of thing.

5. Favourite Book?

  • I don’t read a lot of books but I definitely enjoyed reading the fault in our stars.

6. Favourite Colour?

  • Pink or white.

7. Favourite Animal?

  • Koala bears🐨.

8. Favourite perfume?

  • Jimmy choo, blossom.

9. Have you been out of the country?

  • No😔 well not yet😁

10. Do you speak any other Languages?

  • Nope.

11. Do you have any siblings

  • Two little brothers, Tyler who’s 10 and Harley who’s 4. 

12. What’s your favourite store?

  • It depends on what I’m looking for but, new look, topshop and H&M, these for clothes but for make up I shop in boots, superdrug and house of Fraser.

13. Did you like school?

  • At the time not really, but now after having a job being constantly busy and having all my friends working at different places, I miss being with them 5 days a week, making new memories, seeing so many people and I do miss some of the teachers.

14. Favourite YouTubers?

I seem to be finding so many new YouTubers which I enjoy watching lately but I always watch: Zoe Sugg, Emily Canham, Freddy my love, Tanya burr, Ash J, join the jacksons, hellooctober, and Hannah Renée.
15. Favourite Movie(s)?

  • Mean girls
  • Marley and me
  • Finding dory 

    16. PC or Mac?

    • PC.

    17. What phone do you have?

    • iPhone 6 in gold.

      18. How tall are you? 

      • 5’1🙈🙈🙈🙈

      19. What do you order at Starbucks?

      • I dont🙈, I go to costa of course.

      20. What’s one thing most people probably don’t know about you?
      21. One thing you want to do before you die?

      • Go to New York at Christmas time, go to Disneyland Florida&explore a part of Africa with all the elephants and other African animals.

      22. What quote/phrase do you live by? 

      23. What’s your most listened to song on iTunes? 

      • I don’t use iTunes, but the last song I listened to on tubidy was ‘this is a shout out to my ex’ – Little Mix.

      23. What kind of style would you define yourself as having?

      • I don’t think I have a particular style, I wear what makes me feel comfortable and things that are in trend that season.

      24. What was the last thing you bought?

      • I ordered three Christmas presents for some of the people in my boyfriends family, so I can’t put it on here incase they see this. The last thing I purchased for myself was a lounge set from miss guided.

      I hope you enjoyed this and feel like you know me more now. Don’t forget to like, comment and follow for more blog posts every Wednesday and Sunday. 

      Love Chels x

      October Favourites

      Hi it’s Chelsea,

      So this is the second month of doing my monthly favourites, Hope you enjoy.

      To start my favourites has got to be my morphe palette 35W, I have loved experimenting with this palette, trying the colours i wouldn’t normally pick. The shadows are so highly pigmented and are definitely worth the money. I got this from beauty bay for £21. I can’t wait to try the other palette, especially the taupe and the koffee palette.


      My go to foundation this month has been the bourjois healthy serum. This is perfect for daily use as I only need a light coverage for work, this is £9.99 from superdrug. I apply this with my miracle sponge from real techniques.

      This month I have gone back to my collection lasting perfection concealer, I LOVE this concealer, it is perfect to cover over impurities and any red marks. I have this in the shade fair. This is so affordable at £4.19 from boots and superdrug.

      I have two lipstick favourites this month, both from the brand MAC, my first is my all time favourite nude. HONEYLOVE, if you have read my MAC lipstick collection you will know how much I love this shade. This is my go to lipstick its perfect to pair with any outfit, and is not too much for work. My second favourite MAC lipstick this month is one I haven’t used for so long until recently, it’s the shade DIVA, this is the perfect autumn shade, it’s everything I look for in a autumn lip. I really love MAC lipsticks especially the matte finish lipsticks. I think these are really worth the money and the shade range is incredible.

      I have some clothing items for this months post which i have been loving since the colder weather has came along, I have two jumper which i’ve been pairing with pretty all my outfits lately. I have burgandy jumper from new look which I love, it goes perfectly with my MAC lipstick DIVA. This jumper was only £7.99. Another jumper i’ve been loving is a dark green jumper from H&M, this again was £7.99. Even though these jumpers are cheap, the quality is really good. I love layering these jumpers with scarfs and little coats. Which leads me on to my next favourite… scarfs. Obviously this time of year is when you get all your jumpers and scarfs. I especially love my checked scarf from new look, I got this last year and I will try to link it below if they have it online this year. This scarf is around £12.99 I think. My shoe favourite this month is my new superstars that I got this month, I love my superstars, they are so comfy and are so easy to match with any outfit. These were £48 from JD.

      I have also been loving my L’Oréal clay masks, I now have all three and I’m so glad I picked the glow mask up because it is sooo good. You can multi mask using all three on certain parts of the face depending on your skin type. I have oily skin and find the black detox mask is the best for me on its own but all three together makes my face feel so soft and glows after. These are from boots and cost £7.99 however I only paid £5 for each in the sale. 

      I thought i’d add some random favourites at the end of this post, my favourite youtubers this month have been, Freddy Cousin Brown(freddymylove), Zoe Sugg of course(Zoella), and i’ve been loving meet the jacksons, a little family who daily vlog, I also love Ash’s beauty/lifestyle channel.

      My tv program favourite this month has got to be FRIENDS of course. And now I have sky fitted at my flat I can watch it constantly(yay).
      Links for most of the items i’ve spoken about in this post:


      Hope you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to like, comment and follow for more beauty and lifestyle posts. 

      Love Chels x 











      Top 5 Foundations…

      Hello it’s Chelsea,

      so this is my top 5 foundations, including drug store and higher end, but all reasonable priced. I have oily skin and I have always found these foundations the best for me. I have different branded foundations including: Bourjois, Clinique, MAC and Rimmel.

      The first I’d like to talk about is Bourjois healthy mix serum this has low coverage but is perfect for work or for sunday chills. This is a semi-matte finish, the foundation is a gel foundation, the blending gel blends so well on the skin and gives off an even coverage and makes a natural finish. This works really well to help hide imperfections and signs of fatigue are smoothed. This foundation retails at £10.99 from boots and superdrug.


      Also making my top 5 foundations is another Bourjois foundation, this time being the healthy mix foundation. This gives a medium to high coverage and makes your skin look flawless and gives a healthy glow. This foundation includes three main fruity ingredients  •Apricot for radiance • Melon for hydration • Apple to protect your youth. This foundation retails at £9.99 from boots and superdrug.


      My next favourite is also drug store, selling for £8.99. Its my favourite rimmel foundation, of course its the wake me up foundation. This is a high coverage and is perfect for my break out periods throughout the month. This foundation is so easy to blend and gives a gorgeous flawless finish.


      Clinique is so good for foundations because of how many different finishes and products they have. I got the anti-blemish solutions liquid foundation, this helped to clear my spots up so quickly. This was more pricey but is most definitely worth the money, this was £25.00. This foundation is oil-free and lightweight which is perfect for my oily skin which has numerous breakouts, this gives a flawless fresh finish.


      My final foundation to talk about is the MAC studio waterweigh foundation, I love this foundation and find it leaves a lovely finish on my skin. I find this foundation lasts throughout the day and feels lightweight on the skin. This gives a really good coverage and doesn’t look cakey. This retails at £26 from any MAC store.



       Hope you enjoyed, don’t forget to like, comment and follow for more posts every Wednesday and Sunday! 

      Love Chels x







      MAC lipstick collection…💄

      Hello it’s Chelsea, 

      So this is my MAC lipstick collection, I don’t have millions of lipsticks but I have a few and thought I’d share them with you,

      I love mac lipsticks, I love the packaging, thef ormula and the fact there are 100s of different shades and different finishes.

      So I’ll start off with the first MAC lipstick, I brought this last autumn and it’s the perfect shade for this time of year… can you guess… its matte finish….

      OF COURSE its DIVA,

      I love everything about this lipstick, the colour is so wearable and is perfect for autumn. This is an intense reddish-burgundy lipstick.

      MAC matte diva
      My only other dark shade is a retro matte, and of course is it ruby woo, so  highly spoken about on YouTube and blogs. Although lots of people really love this shade I find this really stiff and hard to apply. I do really like the colour of the lipstick, it’s a really nice wearable red, but this definitely drys out your lips and it tough to put. This is a very matte vivid blue red toned lipstick.

       MAC retro matte ruby woo.
      Now let’s talk about pinks and nudes. I have a variation of pinks and nudes because I find these shades so easy to wear all year round. I really love matte finishes so I’ll talk about the matte(s) first. 
      My pinkest mac lipstick is the shade please me, this is a very pink nude and not really my colour however blended with other colours it looks so nice. Matte: please me 

      One of the pink nudes that I loveeee are the shade mehr, this is one of my favourite shade ever!!, it is so easy to wear and gives a natural look and little pop of something. This is a dirty blue pink shade. 

      Matte: mehr 

      My favourite lipstick ever has to honeylove this is a perfect nude, it’s a light beige tone with rose, it’s a matte finish and is very natural. 

      Matte: honeylove
      I only have one lipstick which is satin finished and I love this lipstick. It is the shade twig which is a soft muted brownish pink, this is very natural and very creamy on the lips. Satin: twig

      I also have one creamsheen, créme d’nude, clue is in the name, this is a very muted nude colour. This is very creamy and hasn’t got much colour pay off but I use this to put over the other lipsticks which dry out my lips from other brands. This is a pale muted peach beige. 

      Creamsheen: créme d’nude
      So that is my MAC lipstick collection, as I said I don’t have lots but I hope to expand my collection as time goes on, I do have a very long make up wish list which includes wayyy more MAC lipsticks. 

      I really hope you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to like, comment and follow if you enjoyed. 

      Love Chels x